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Rockford swimming pool injury lawyersAs schools let out for the summer, children all across Illinois will spend much more time swimming in public and private pools. For the most part, time spent swimming is a great way to keep kids occupied and with proper supervision, training, and equipment, swimming can be a safe activity. 

However, swimming pools in Illinois must strictly adhere to legal construction standards. The expense and labor involved in maintaining swimming pools mean cracks, uneven or slippery surfaces, and other hazards may go unaddressed. In turn, this exposes people - especially children - to the risk of slip-and-fall injuries that can be serious and even lethal. 

Common Swimming Pool Accidents

By far, the most common swimming pool injuries occur when bathers slip or trip and fall on surfaces that do not have proper anti-slip resistance or are uneven because of poor construction or maintenance. The location and speed of the slip can vary, and children who fall while running can suffer serious injuries and even death.


rockford premises liability attorneyTerrible accidents that occur due to poor property management often seem altogether preventable and unnecessary. When visitors suffer an injury due to unsafe environments that the landowner should have addressed, premises liability law holds property owners accountable for the sustained harm. If you have been injured due to the negligent actions of a property owner, it is vital to understand what legal options may be available.

Different Types of Premises Liability Cases

Accidents that involve premises liability can arise in many different instances, therefore it is critical for property owners to remain vigilant for safety hazards within their property. These types of injuries can occur at nearly any location, including restaurants or stores, the workplace, daycare, or a neighbor’s yard.

Slip and fall accidents may be the most common premises liability danger. Luckily, most slip and fall accidents are fairly minimal and do not result in serious accidents. However, slip and fall accidents can also be extremely dangerous and lead to devastating injuries. Wet floors, unmarked obstacles, and snowy or icy pathways are common factors in slip and fall accidents. Any of these conditions have the potential to cause the victim catastrophic head, neck, or other bodily injuries. 


rockford workplace accident lawyerWhen most people imagine themselves experiencing a slip, trip, or fall at work, they likely envision an embarrassing moment in front of co-workers, resulting in injuries that may require an ice pack or bandage. Unfortunately, some slip and fall accidents can be much more serious. While it is not entirely uncommon to experience a minor slip, trip, or fall on the job, severe accidents may lead to significant injuries, long durations of time away from work, and considerable medical expenses. 

Employees who suffer a serious workplace accident may find it helpful to seek legal guidance from an experienced personal injury attorney.

Common Situations that Lead to On-The-Job Slip and Fall Accidents

Construction workers are the most susceptible employees to face dangerous, even fatal falls. However, even workers who spend most of their workday in a cubicle or other office space can experience a serious slip and fall accident. 


Winnebago County store injury attorneyThe last thing you probably expect when you visit a grocery store, big-box store, mall, or other retailer is to be injured. Whether you were hurt because of a slip and fall accident, parking lot accident, or another type of incident, you may be left with painful injuries and expensive injury-related costs. You may wonder if you can sue the store for failing to prevent your injuries. The answer depends on the circumstances of your injury and other factors.

Bringing a Premises Liability Claim for an Injury Sustained at a Retail Store

Premises liability is the area of law that deals with the expectations of property owners. In Illinois, store owners are responsible for keeping their properties reasonably hazard-free. A store owner or property owner is not responsible for every injury that occurs on the premises, but they are responsible for injuries caused by negligence. If a store allows a dangerous condition to exist on the property, the store may be liable for injuries caused by that condition.

A store may be liable for injuries caused by:


Rockford personal injury attorneysIf you or a loved one were recently injured in a slip and fall or trip and fall accident, you may wonder what legal remedies you have at your disposal. A slip and fall injury claim may help you recover financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages from missed work, and other damages. However, a successful personal injury claim is only possible if certain elements are present. To know whether or not you have a valid injury claim and may be entitled to compensation, you must consider the circumstances of the accident, and whether a party’s negligence contributed to the fall accident.

Property Owners Have a Legal Obligation to Maintain a Safe Premises

According to Illinois premises liability laws, property owners or occupiers must keep their properties reasonably safe for individuals who are lawfully visiting the property. This responsibility extends to the owners of properties such as:

  • Grocery stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Parking lots
  • Bars and nightclubs
  • Restaurants
  • Apartment buildings
  • Residential properties

Property owners who allow an unsafe condition to exist on the property and do not warn people about the hazardous condition may be liable for any injuries caused by the unsafe condition. The property owner or occupier may be required to compensate the injured person for his or her damages.

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