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Construction sites can be extremely dangerous. At a typical site, there are numerous workers doing several different jobs at the same time. Many of these jobs expose workers to various types of hazards, which are often made worse by the recklessness or negligence of contractors, subcontractors, and other third parties that are on-site. If you or a loved one has suffered a construction accident injury, it is important to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney, so you fully understand your rights and options.

Mannarino & Brasfield, A Division of Schwartz Injury Law has in-depth knowledge of construction accidents and other types of personal injury in Rockford and throughout Illinois. Our attorneys have represented clients in complex construction injury cases against large property development companies and other well-funded adversaries. We know the ins and outs of these types of cases and what important details to look for that may be critical in obtaining a favorable result.

Case Result: 8.5 Million Verdict for Injured Construction Worker

In 2005, two Bovis Lend Lease, Inc. construction workers, a father and son team, were installing storm pipes at the bottom of a 12-foot deep trench. According to OSHA requirements, trenches in excess of five feet in depth must have some type of support system in place to protect workers from collapse. The trench had no such support system, and the wall caved in, burying the two workers alive. The father died from the collapse, and the son suffered permanent disability and is no longer able to work in any capacity. A lawsuit was filed against Bovis for construction negligence and failure to ensure the safety of the workplace. The jury awarded $8.5 million dollars in damages.

Common Types of Construction Accidents in Illinois

There are hundreds of ways workers may suffer injury at a construction site. Some of the most common include:

  • Ladder and Scaffolding Accidents: Poorly designed, poorly manufactured, or poorly placed ladders or scaffolds often result in slip and fall accidents. Many of these falls, particularly those from dangerous heights, lead to serious injuries.
  • Being Struck by a Falling Object: With several things happening simultaneously on a construction site, workers often do not see loose debris such as plywood, sheetrock, shingles, nails, etc. until it is too late.
  • Machinery Accidents: Reckless or incompetent operation of cranes, tractors, hoists, and other types of equipment can cause serious injuries. This is sometimes the result of user error, but could also result from product defects and other inherent problems with the equipment.
  • Electrical Accidents: Electrocutions, explosions, and other serious accidents can occur when individuals do not pay close attention to nearby power lines and electrical currents.

Construction accident cases can be especially complicated, because it is often difficult to determine whether the accident was caused by another party's fault and if the at-fault party is an employer of the injured or a third party. If the injury was not caused by negligence, or if the employer is at fault, the incident may be covered by workers' compensation laws. In most cases, you cannot sue your employer for a work-related injury, even if negligence by your employer caused the accident. If a third party is at fault, however, then you may be able to pursue a personal injury claim.

At Mannarino & Brasfield, A Division of Schwartz Injury Law, we are backed by a strong team of legal professionals, and we have the resources necessary to thoroughly investigate each case to determine exactly who is at fault and the appropriate legal avenue to recover compensation. We also routinely seek out top national and international industry experts to provide strong testimony to help bolster the cases of our clients.

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According to OSHA, over 20% of worker fatalities in private industry occur at a construction site. If those in charge do not take proactive steps to ensure the safety of their workers, and serious injuries occur as a result, those responsible need to be held fully accountable. If you or someone close to you has been injured in a construction accident, contact our office today at 815-215-7561 to schedule a free consultation. We serve clients in Rockford, Winnebago County, Freeport, Belvidere, Winnebago, Loves Park, Byron, Rochelle, Oregon, Boone County, Stephenson County, Ogle County, and throughout Illinois.

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