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What Is Ob/Gyn Medical Malpractice in Illinios?

 Posted on February 26, 2024 in Medical Malpractice

Winnebago County, IL ob/gyn malpractice lawyerObstetricians and gynecologists work within the field of women’s health. Obstetricians focus on childbirth and the pregnancy process, and gynecologists focus on the overall health of the female reproductive system. Sometimes, ob/gyn professionals fail to meet the proper standard of care that patients need, resulting in errors and injuries that constitute malpractice.

A skilled Illinois medical malpractice attorney can review your case and help you fight for the compensation you deserve after ob/gyn malpractice.

The Consequences of Ob/Gyn Malpractice

Ob/gyn malpractice can apply to many things throughout the pregnancy process, during childbirth, or during regular and routine gynecological exams. Common types of ob/gyn malpractice include the following:

  • Delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis, either due to negligence or lack of referral to a specialist

  • Failure to perform life-saving care or order testing and care in emergency situations

  • Performing unnecessary surgeries

  • Providing incorrect medications or incorrect dosages of medication

  • Failure to recognize and address fetal distress or the distress of the mother during childbirth

  • Too much force or improper use of forceps during birth

  • Negligently administering anesthesia

  • Failure to diagnose cancers related to the female reproductive system

  • Neglecting or failing to read and interpret test results such as mammograms, sonograms, or ultrasounds

The consequences for victims of ob/gyn malpractice include infections, serious injuries, prolonged illnesses that may have been treatable, long-term medical problems, birth injuries, and even fatalities in serious cases. Additionally, ob/gyn malpractice often results in pain and suffering to the victim or the victim’s infant that may have been avoidable with proper care.

How Do I Know If I Have a Medical Malpractice Case?

Figuring out if you have a medical malpractice case against your obstetrician or gynecologist can be difficult, as these cases are complex and involve many different variables. However, experiencing birth injuries, dealing with infections or injuries after an exam, and struggling with long-term medical conditions that have been misdiagnosed or delayed in diagnosis all indicate you may be eligible for compensation.

It is important to speak with an experienced attorney to help you navigate Illinois law and advocate for your rights after ob/gyn medical malpractice occurs.

Contact a Rockford, IL Medical Malpractice Attorney

Women’s healthcare is incredibly important, and many women may find themselves confused or struggling after an ob/gyn appointment does not meet their expectations. In cases where obstetricians or gynecologists act negligently or fail to provide adequate care, the consequences can be serious and a medical malpractice case may be pursued.

A skilled Winnebago County, IL medical malpractice lawyer can review your case against an ob/gyn and help advocate for you to receive the compensation you deserve. Contact Mannarino & Brasfield, A Division of Schwartz Injury Law at 815-215-7561 for a free consultation.

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