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Rockford injury lawyersThe majority of car accidents are caused by human error. Taking a turn too fast, running a red light, driving while intoxicated, or texting and driving may all lead to injury-causing crashes. However, not every collision is the result of poor driving. In some cases, a crash is caused or aggravated by defective vehicle components. If you or a loved one were harmed in an auto accident, it is important to understand how vehicle defects may have played a role.

When is a Vehicle or Vehicle Part Considered Defective?

Just like all other consumer products, motor vehicles cannot present unreasonable risks to buyers. If a vehicle or vehicle component is defective and that defect causes an individual to be injured or killed, the party responsible for the defect may be liable for damages.

Vehicle defects typically fall into one of two categories: design defects or manufacturing defects. A design defect occurs when a product was unreasonably unsafe from its inception. Every product in that particular line of products may need to be recalled and fixed or replaced.  A manufacturing defect occurs when a mistake during the manufacturing process causes a vehicle component to function incorrectly or contain unreasonable safety hazards.


Winnebago County truck accident lawyersBeing involved in a serious truck accident can leave an individual injured, in pain, and with a massive financial burden. If you were injured in a truck accident or your loved one was killed in a fatal truck crash, you may be able to hold the at-fault party accountable for the damages incurred by your truck accident through a personal injury claim. However, to do so, you will need to prove that the actions taken by the truck driver, trucking company, or other negligent party caused your injuries. There are many different types of evidence that a personal injury attorney may use to prove the elements needed to secure compensation for you.

Event Data Recorders

Many modern vehicles, including most commercial trucks, are equipped with technology that records vehicle information. An event data recorder (EDR) or accident data recorder is similar to the “black box” of an airplane. The majority of commercial trucks have such a device. EDRs record information about how and where a vehicle was driven. Information about speed, acceleration, braking, steering, and more may be gathered from an EDR. This data can be extremely useful in a truck accident claim. However, many EDRs only store vehicle information for a certain period of time. Gathering this data before it is deleted or recorded over is crucial.

Dash Cameras and Red-Light Cameras

More and more drivers are installing dash cameras on their vehicles. If you or the other drivers involved in the truck accident have a dash camera, this footage may be a valuable source of information about the circumstances of the accident. Even if the vehicles directly involved in the accident are not equipped with dash cameras, it is possible that eyewitnesses to the accident may have captured part of the accident on their dash cameras. Red-light cameras are another potential source of information about the accident. However, obtaining camera footage and other types of evidence is often difficult – especially if the evidence vindicates your claim. Your attorney may use a “subpoena duces tecum” or other strategies in order to compel parties to surrender evidence in your truck accident claim.

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