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Surgical Mistakes Resulting in Spinal Cord Injury

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rockford medical malpractice lawyerThe spinal cord transmits signals from the brain to the body and from the body to the brain. Everything from movement to our ability to sense pain is controlled by the spinal cord. Consequently, any damage to the spinal cord can have catastrophic consequences and errors during surgery on the spinal cord can leave a person permanently disabled

If you or a loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of medical negligence, you may have the right to seek compensation for your medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Examples of Spinal Cord Injuries Caused by Surgical Errors

Surgical mistakes that lead to spinal cord injury can take many forms. Common causes of these injuries include:

  • Accidentally nicking the spinal cord during surgery - Surgeons operating on or near the spine must use caution and precision. One small mistake can lead to devastating consequences for the surgical patient.

  • Damage from a broken needle - Certain medications must be delivered to the spine. For example, an epidural is administered by inserting a needle and a catheter into the back. If the needle breaks off or slips out of place during medication administration, it can cause severe damage to the spinal cord.

  • Incorrectly placing a surgical device or clamp - Devices like rods, screws, and clamps are often used in spinal surgeries. If these items are placed incorrectly, they can cause nerve damage or other complications.

Legal Options After a Spinal Cord Injury Caused by Negligent Medical Care

Surgeons and other medical professionals must meet the medical standard of care. This is defined as the level of care that a competent professional would provide in similar circumstances. If medical personnel fail to meet this standard, they may be held liable for any resulting injury or harm.

Victims of spinal cord injuries caused by medical malpractice may be able to recover damages for:

  • Medical expenses - Spinal cord injuries may require long-term medical care. The cost of this care may include surgeries, hospital stays, medication, physical therapy, and other treatments. Victims may be entitled to reimbursement for medical expenses incurred by the surgical mistake.

  • Long-term care - Many people with serious spinal cord injuries require in-home or nursing home care. Compensation for these expenses may be available if the injury was caused by medical negligence.

  • Lost wages - Injuries that result in paralysis or other debilitating conditions often prevent victims from working. Victims may be able to recover lost wages and benefits, such as vacation pay or retirement contributions.

  • Pain and suffering - Victims of medical malpractice may be entitled to compensation for any physical pain or emotional suffering caused by the mistake.

If you have suffered a spinal cord injury and you believe surgical mistakes or other forms of medical negligence contributed to the injury, it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible. An experienced medical malpractice lawyer can help you determine whether you have a valid case.

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