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Holding Motor Vehicle Companies and Other Parties Responsible for Auto Defects

 Posted on September 28, 2021 in Car Accidents

rockford car crash lawyerNew and used vehicles are purchased every day. Drivers rely on their vehicles to get them safely from place to place. When vehicle manufacturers and sellers fail to uphold safety expectations, auto defects in the products may lead to catastrophic accidents and exacerbate any sustained injuries.

Honda Seat Belt Defects Lead to Substantial Settlements for Victims

American Honda Motor Co., Inc., better known simply as Honda, has faced significant ridicule and court challenges regarding seatbelt defects seen in their vehicles in recent years. 

In 2015, a 27-year old woman was riding as a passenger in a Honda Odyssey when the vehicle was struck by a pickup truck. She suffered a broken spinal column. The woman, now a quadriplegic, was awarded a settlement of $37.6 million.

In a separate accident involving Honda’s defective seatbelts, a rollover accident resulted in a Pennsylvania man’s paralysis. Honda was ordered to pay $55.3 million.

Seat belts have proven not to be the only cause for concern for Honda vehicles. In 2020, The Arizona Attorney General’s Office reached a $5 million settlement with Honda after it was alleged that the company was concealing issues related to the safety of their airbags.

Common Defects That Lead To Accidents

Seat belts are often mentioned in fatal car accidents as they play a critical role in passenger safety and survival in dangerous crashes. It is not uncommon for fatalities to result due to passengers neglecting to wear their seatbelts. In other cases, however, all passengers were wearing their seat belts but the seat belts still failed. Other auto defects that may cause accidents or injuries include:

  • Defective airbags, including airbags that fail to deploy, deploy when they should not, or deploy too fast or with too much force

  • Defective tires may cause crashes when tires explode or have improper tread wear

  • Defective electrical systems can lead to vehicle fires

Who is Liable For Defective Auto Parts Leading to Accidents?

Before a vehicle is purchased by the driver, it goes through a chain of parties that are responsible for upholding a particular level of diligence to ensure the vehicle is safe to drive and will operate effectively. Because multiple parties are involved in the vehicle’s preparation prior to sale, there are many parties involved in determining liability when auto defects lead to a motor vehicle accident. 

When automobiles are in the manufacturing stages, the automaker is responsible for installing vehicle components and designing the vehicle and its systems. When installation and design are completed negligently, car accidents are more likely to occur. In other situations, the dealership may be held liable after an accident for failing to identify defects in the vehicle. Additionally, it is not uncommon for drivers to buy vehicle parts from outside vendors after purchasing a vehicle, such as tires, taillights, and headlights. Manufacturers, sellers, and installers of after-market parts may be held accountable if their substandard parts lead to car crashes or injuries. 

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If defective vehicle parts lead to a car crash that seriously injured you or a loved one, a Winnebago County vehicle defect injury attorney can help to determine what damages you may be eligible to recover. Even if it was a one-vehicle accident, it is possible that a third party was at fault for the accident and the severity of the sustained injuries. Call Mannarino & Brasfield, A Division of Schwartz Injury Law today to schedule a free, initial consultation at 815-215-7561.







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