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Distracted Drivers Are Putting Motorists at Serious Risk

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Winnebago County car accident lawyersThere is little argument against the fact that smartphones and other hand-held technology has dramatically changed Americans’ lives in the last few decades. We use our phones for everything from texting and calling to GPS navigation, social media, “Googling” information, and even streaming video. Unfortunately, some people choose to do these things while driving. Even though some mistakenly believe that they can “multitask” while driving, the reality is that doing anything other than driving while behind the wheel greatly decreases a person’s ability to safely operate the vehicle.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 3,477 people were killed in car accidents caused by a distracted driver in 2015. During the same year, a shocking 391,000 people were injured in these types of accidents. A countless number of public service announcements and campaigns have attempted to decrease the number of people killed or injured by distracted driving incidents each. Many states have enacted laws to make using a cellphone while driving illegal or to require the use of hands-free devices. Unfortunately, some people continue to endanger others by using their phone at the wheel.

Cell Phones Are Not the Only Dangerous Distraction

The tricky thing about cell phone use legislation is that many everyday occurrences can be even more distracting while driving. For example, studies show that talking on a hands-free phone or through a Bluetooth connection may be just as distracting as using a handheld phone. In fact, the simple act of talking to another person inside the car can be distracting. Australian researchers found that the presence of children in a vehicle is 12 times more distracting to a driver than using a cell phone. Startlingly, the research also showed that people driving with children in the car take their eyes off of the road for more than three minutes of a 16-minute trip on average.

Drivers on “Auto Pilot” Can Cause Major Car Accidents

One of the biggest causes of distracted driving may be something many do not even realize they are doing. Some experts say that driving on “autopilot” is one of the most dangerous things a driver can do on the road. Many of us have experienced “road hypnosis” or the feeling of being in a fog while driving from time to time. Sometimes, you may even drive a certain distance with no actual recollection of driving it. Some studies show daydreaming or mentally checking out while driving accounts for 62 percent of distracted driving accidents.

Accident Attorneys Serving Winnebago County, IL

Drivers have a responsibility to be attentive while they are behind the wheel of the car. If a distracted driver’s negligence has caused you injury, a Winnebago County personal injury attorney can help you receive the compensation you deserve. To schedule a free, confidential consultation with Mannarino & Brasfield, a Division of KJS, call 815-215-7561 today.






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