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Winnebago County Defective Product AttorneyThe U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is the government agency tasked with ensuring consumer products are safe. The agency frequently issues product recalls, but tragically, recalls are often not enough to prevent injuries and deaths caused by dangerous or defective products.

If your baby died and you suspect that a defective product was the cause, you may be looking for answers. You may wonder if there is anything you can do to seek justice on behalf of your child and hold the at-fault company responsible for this tragedy.

Unsafe Infant Products and Wrongful Death

Parents trust that products designed for infants are safe for infants. Unfortunately, baby and child products are frequently recalled due to safety hazards. Often, these recalls do not occur fast enough to prevent children from being hurt or killed by the products. Just recently, over 3 million infant loungers were recalled after eight reports of infant suffocation were associated with the lounger.


rockford daycare injury lawyerFew parents have the pleasure of being able to stay at home to care for and raise their children. In most cases, parents must return to work shortly after the child is born so that they can adequately provide for their family. When this time comes, it is common for parents to pick out a daycare. Trusting a facility with that responsibility is a major step in a parent’s life, and unfortunately, sometimes that trust is broken by negligent facilities and their staff. If your child has sustained serious injuries due to the actions or inactions of their daycare, you may want to work with an experienced daycare injury lawyer

Did Your Child Suffer Injuries at  Daycare?

Children of all ages come home with scrapes and small bruises after a day away from home. This is not all that uncommon or necessarily concerning. Accidents certainly happen, especially with small children. However, many injuries are entirely preventable and in some cases, would have been avoided had the daycare acted more responsibly. 

Certain types of accidents are more likely to cause injury at a daycare. While some playground accidents can be minor, others can be much more serious, resulting in injuries such as concussions, bone fractures, and internal injuries. Loose and falling objects are also a common cause of child injury, sometimes causing children to suffer bruises, head injuries, and broken bones.


rockford brain injury lawyerAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2019 there were 61,000 deaths in the United States related to a traumatic brain injury. This equates to 166 traumatic brain injury fatalities on a daily basis. After an accident, injured victims should take the necessary steps to ensure their safety and look after their overall health. Additionally, the victims and their families should understand the unique challenges they may face after suffering this type of injury. 


When a brain injury is caused by another party’s negligent or illegal actions, the victim may be entitled to monetary damages. The brain injury sufferer may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages due to missed work, pain and suffering, and more. 


rockford injury attorneyConstruction workers are exposed to hazardous environments every day at their job. When employers and contractors do not uphold expectations to follow regulations and properly train their employees, workers are put at even greater risk of harm. When workers are not prepared to face these dangers, they may not be able to effectively recover compensation for their injuries. However, an experienced attorney can help workers to follow the necessary steps to start their recovery after a construction accident.

Immediately Seek Medical Attention

When dangerous accidents occur on a construction site, employees are vulnerable to suffering catastrophic injuries such as imputation of an appendage, broken bones, severe burns, lacerations, eye injuries, and even death. However, some injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries and spine injuries are not accompanied by instantaneous symptoms. Therefore, it is critical for anyone involved in a construction site accident to seek medical care after the event immediately. 

Receiving prompt treatment for wounds can accelerate the recovery period. Additionally, medical records and doctor testimony can provide ample evidence for a workers’ compensation claim or personal injury lawsuit if necessary. 


Rockford Personal Injury LawyerWhen you picture the typical car accident, you may envision a collision between two vehicles. However, there are also many accidents in which a motor vehicle collides with a pedestrian. In Illinois, there were nearly 5,000 pedestrian accidents in 2019, and almost all of them resulted in injury or death.

Unfortunately, pedestrians are relatively defenseless, and their lives can be changed forever when they are struck by a car. However, pedestrians do have the right to use the road and to pursue compensation from negligent drivers who cause their injuries. An attorney can help you demonstrate negligence if you or a loved one has been injured.

Negligence in Pedestrian Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), serious pedestrian accidents tend to occur more frequently in urban areas and at night. However, these environmental conditions do not absolve a driver of negligence when their actions contribute to a crash.

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