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Can I Sue if My Spouse Was Injured or Killed By a Defective Airbag in Illinois? 

 Posted on February 21, 2022 in Personal Injury

Winnebago County Personal Injury LawyerVehicle airbags are often subject to conditions that have the potential to deteriorate the condition of the airbags long before they are ever deployed in a car accident. Extreme temperature fluctuations, humidity, and other environmental conditions have the potential to degrade airbags and make them defective, less effective, or even dangerous. 

The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced a major recall several years ago that involved tens of millions of vehicles that had airbags that could potentially explode and cause serious injury or death. While lives were undoubtedly saved by the recall, other lives in Illinois continue to be prematurely shortened or diminished in quality when a defective airbag deploys improperly. 

How Should an Effective Airbag Work? 

While airbags are not a foolproof method for preventing serious injury or death in a car accident, they are often effective in keeping a car accident victim’s face away from the steering column and dashboard. When a car is involved in a crash, a special sensor detects the impact and a carefully controlled system fills an airbag with gas that rapidly inflates the airbag at over 200 miles per hour, cushioning the impact of the crash and reducing damage to the head and body. 

Airbags are a simple concept but they rely on several complex systems to work effectively. Several things can go wrong during the airbag deployment process, including: 

  • Crash sensors that fail to detect an impact

  • Delayed deployment

  • Under- or overinflation

  • Airbags that explode and expel gas, chemicals, or tiny pieces of the vehicle into the air

  • Airbags that mistakenly deploy when they should not 

Sometimes, the airbag or vehicle manufacturer is responsible for a defective product. Other times, a mechanic that fixed or replaced an airbag improperly may be responsible. It is crucial to perform a thorough investigation after a car accident to determine responsibility for a defective airbag. 

Common Injuries From Defective Airbags 

While each person’s specific injuries will depend in large part on the circumstances of the car crash, several injuries are commonly seen in victims of defective airbag deployments. These include: 

  • Chemical burns from the contents of the airbag

  • Facial bruising, abrasions, contusions, and fractures

  • Torso and arm injuries

  • Shrapnel injuries

  • Eye injuries, such as traumatic globe luxation and blindness 

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