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Can I Sue a Driver Who Hit Me on My Bicycle?

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Winnebago County bicycle accident attorneyIllinois’ flat landscape and beautiful scenery make it an ideal location for bicyclists who ride their bike for commuting or recreational purposes. And while Illinois is making great strides in bicycle safety lanes and trying to increase motor vehicle operators’ awareness of bikes on the road, great risks still exist to bicyclists. Bicycles are much smaller and lighter than motor vehicles, making them hard to see and susceptible to serious injury and death in even minor car accidents. If you have been injured by a car or truck while riding your bike in Rockford, a personal injury attorney can help you decide whether you want to pursue a lawsuit. 

Common Bicycle-Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Life-threatening injuries and death are regrettably common in accidents involving bicycles and motor vehicles. Frequent injuries include, but are not limited to: 

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Neck and spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Internal bleeding, bruising, and hemorrhaging 
  • Road rash 

Recovering from these injuries can take months or years and extensive surgeries, physical therapy, and other expensive medical treatment. Successful lawsuits often deliver compensation for loss of mobility, pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, and decreased life quality. While money cannot give you back your health, it can make managing life after a serious accident a little easier. 

Was the Motor Vehicle Operator at Fault? 

If the driver of the car, bus, or truck did not ensure the cyclist’s safety by yielding the right-of-way and carefully passing, the driver may be responsible. Other reckless behaviors, such as texting and driving, driving under the influence, or drowsy driving can make a driver culpable for any accident their behavior caused. Sometimes the bicyclist and the driver are both at fault; sometimes only the cyclist is at fault. A careful investigation by an experienced team of attorneys can yield important information to help determine whether a lawsuit is likely to be successful. 

How Long Do I Have to Decide? 

While the statute of limitations for a personal injury lawsuit involving a bike and a car is generally two years, the longer you wait to file a lawsuit, the more difficult it is to collect crucial evidence. While a personal injury lawsuit may be the last thing on your mind following a serious accident, quick action can help collect evidence like eyewitness testimony, video footage, and more. As more time goes by, these essential pieces of evidence may be lost forever. A great personal injury attorney can carry out an investigation at minimal inconvenience to you so you can focus on recovering from the accident. 

Contact a Rockford, IL Personal Injury Lawyer

Getting struck by a vehicle while you are riding your bicycle can change your life forever. If you or someone you love has been hit by a car while on a bike, make sure you speak with a Rockford personal injury attorney before you make any decisions or agree to any insurance settlements. You may be eligible to file a lawsuit to recover the damage you or your loved one sustained in the accident. The experienced team at Mannarino & Brasfield, A Division of KJS offers free, no-pressure consultations so you can explore your options and get the information you need. Call us now at 815-215-7561




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