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Can I Receive Compensation for an Injury Caused by an Airbag?

 Posted on March 29, 2021 in Car Accidents

Rockford dangerous airbag injury attorneysAirbags represent an extremely important advancement in the field of automotive safety. During an accident, the airbag deploys in less than a second to cushion the passengers and prevent them from hitting their head on the steering wheel, dashboard, or windshield. While these devices are estimated to prevent vehicle occupant death by approximately 30 percent, airbags can also cause serious injuries during a crash. If you or a loved one suffered an airbag-related injury in a car accident, you may be entitled to monetary damages.

Injuries Caused by Airbag Deployment

Airbags often prevent much more serious and even life-threatening injuries from occurring during a crash, however, these devices do not prevent injuries entirely. An airbag works by using an ignitor to fill the bag with gas such as argon or nitrogen during a crash. The chemicals contained in an airbag can cause lung problems or burns. The bag may also cause injuries including to the eyes, face, torso, and arms including abrasions, lacerations, and fractures. If you suffered injuries in a car accident because of a functioning airbag, the party responsible for the accident is likely liable for your injuries. The liable party may be another driver, the employer of the driver, a commercial business like a trucking company, or even a government entity.

Injuries Caused by Defective Airbags

Airbags do not always work as intended. The most infamous example of airbag malfunctions is a defect that caused some Takata airbags to explode or underinflate during a collision. Over 400 injuries and 26 deaths have been linked to Takata airbags installed in dozens of different makes and models of passenger vehicles. Airbag defects that can cause injuries include:

  • Faulty crash sensors that cause failed or delayed deployment
  • Faulty airbags that deploy when they should not deploy
  • Underinflation or overinflation
  • Toxic materials leaking out of the airbag
  • Excessive force during inflation
  • Exploding airbags that release shrapnel or dangerous chemicals

If an individual’s injury was caused by a defective airbag, the party who is liable for damages may be the airbag manufacturer, the vehicle manufacturer, the party responsible for replacing a recalled airbag, or another party.

Contact a Winnebago County Airbag Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one were hurt by an airbag, you may be entitled to financial compensation. The party liable for your injuries may be another driver, the manufacturer of the airbag, or several other parties. For help determining the cause of your accident, identifying the liable party, and seeking compensation, contact a Rockford personal injury attorney at Mannarino & Brasfield, A Division of Schwartz Injury Law. Call 815-215-7561 for a free consultation.





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