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Can I File a Personal Injury Lawsuit if I Was Harmed Due to Inadequate Security?

 Posted on August 25, 2020 in Premises Liability

Rockford negligent security lawyersWhen a person is harmed during a robbery or attack, criminal charges are often brought against the aggressor. While this may bring the perpetrator to justice, it does little to  address the injuries caused to the victim. A person hurt in an act of physical violence may suffer lacerations, broken bones, internal organ damage, traumatic brain injury, and other serious physical injuries. He or she may also experience deep emotional pain and psychological scarring. In some cases, a civil lawsuit brought against the owner of the property on which the attack occurred may enable a victim to recover compensation.

What is Considered Negligent Security?

Property owners cannot be expected to prevent every injury on their property, but they are required to keep their property free of foreseeable dangers. This includes equipping the property with adequate lighting, locks, cameras, and other security measures. The level of security that a property should have is largely determined by the property’s location and the frequency of crime in the area. For example, If a store owner knows that two customers have already been mugged in the dark parking lot outside of his store, he should have lights installed and take other steps to help prevent future muggings. If he fails to take these steps and another customer is injured as a result, the customer may have a valid personal injury claim. 

Lawsuits for negligent security may be brought against a store, restaurant, bar, hotel, apartment complex, or other facilities. Such suits may be filed in addition to any civil claims made against the perpetrator, as permitted by law. It is possible to have more than one party share liability for your injuries. 

What Types of Damages Are Available to Victims of Physical Violence?

Being injured in an attack can leave lasting physical and mental damage. Through a personal injury lawsuit, a victim of an attack caused by negligent security may receive financial compensation for the harm caused by his or her injuries. Compensation for medical expenses incurred by ambulance transportation, emergency room treatment, hospital admission, diagnostic tests such as x-rays, prescription medication, and other medical care may be available. The victim may also recover compensation for any future medical needs related to the incident such as psychological counselling or therapy. If his or her injuries affected his or her ability to work, compensation for lost wages and reduced future earning capacity may be applicable. The victim may also receive compensation for pain and suffering as well as the mental anguish caused by the attack.

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