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Are Surgical Errors Medical Malpractice in Illinois?

 Posted on April 10, 2024 in Medical Malpractice

Rockford surgical errors lawyerSurgical errors occur when a surgeon or medical professional involved in a surgery acts in a way that causes further injury or illness. In many cases, this behavior can be considered medical malpractice under Illinois laws, and you may be able to pursue a claim for compensation if you have sustained further injuries after a surgical error. A skilled Illinois surgical error lawyer can help you explore your options.

Common Types of Surgical Errors

Surgical errors can occur throughout the surgical process, such as before the operation, during the surgery, or during the post-op and recovery periods. Common surgical errors that can have major consequences include:

  • Neglecting to explain surgical risks
  • Operating or providing surgical treatment while under the influence
  • Following incorrect operating plans or techniques
  • Leaving foreign objects inside the patient
  • Injuring nerves, internal organs, or blood vessels
  • Failing to monitor the patient during surgery or during the recovery process
  • Failing to treat or properly care for wounds after surgery leads to infection

In some cases, surgical errors can lead to permanent disabilities or wrongful death for the patient.

Proving Medical Malpractice Illinois

In Illinois, medical malpractice occurs when a doctor, surgeon, or other medical professional acts in a way that is negligent or reckless, causing an injury, illness, disability, or wrongful death. Negligence can include not giving proper care or failing to pay proper attention to a patient, while reckless behavior occurs when a medical professional acts in a way that disregards safety and risks to a patient, such as showing up to work and performing surgery while intoxicated.

Proving medical malpractice in Illinois after a surgical error can be complex, as many parties are typically involved in surgery and the recovery process. In general, you will need to prove that the surgeon or medical professional's behavior during your surgery caused your injury or further illness and show proof of being physically, financially, or emotionally harmed due to their mistake.

Contact a Rockford, IL Surgical Errors Attorney

Experiencing a surgical error can be traumatic, and you may end up with additional medical bills, pain and suffering, and a loss of your ability to work, among other things. Working with a knowledgeable Winnebago County, IL surgical errors lawyer is essential if you want to pursue a compensation claim and recover damages after a surgical error has occurred.

Our team at Mannarino & Brasfield, A Division of Schwartz Injury Law has extensive experience with medical malpractice cases. We will advocate for your rights to receive maximum compensation and hold those responsible for your surgical error accountable. Call 815-215-7561 for a free consultation.

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