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Bed Sores and Nursing Home Neglect

 Posted on July 14, 2024 in Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

Winnebago County, IL nursing home injury lawyerWhen you leave your loved one in a nursing home, you expect him or her to receive quality care throughout his or her time in the facility. However, this does not always happen, and more nursing homes these days are being evaluated for the substandard care they provide residents. One of the most notable ways that nursing home neglect is evident is in the formation of bed sores, also called pressure wounds, on your loved one.

If your family member has experienced bed sores in a nursing home facility, she or he may be suffering from neglectful care. A knowledgeable Illinois nursing home neglect attorney can help you explore your legal options.

What Are Bed Sores?

Bed sores are wounds that form on the body, typically in bony areas where there is less muscle or body tissue to act as a buffer, when consistent pressure is applied to that area of the body. The pressure restricts blood flow, and the skin around the affected area dies. In turn, this causes an open wound and can lead to a number of complications such as infection, pain, amputations, and even fatalities if the bed sore is not treated properly.

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What Is Primary Care Malpractice?

 Posted on July 03, 2024 in Medical Malpractice

Rockford, IL medical malpractice lawyerPrimary care doctors are some of the most trusted physicians in Illinois. In addition to performing routine annual exams, these doctors are often the first to see patients for health concerns. However, when a primary care doctor neglects to properly provide care to his or her patients, he or she may cause serious injuries.

If you have suffered from an injury or illness due to your primary care doctor’s negligent care, you may have a medical malpractice case. An Illinois medical malpractice attorney can help you explore your legal options.

Understanding Primary Care Medical Malpractice

Primary care medical malpractice occurs when a primary care doctor fails to uphold the duty of care to patients. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as being overworked, poorly trained, or simply ignoring important patient information like test results and symptoms.

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Summer Boating Accidents in Illinois

 Posted on July 01, 2024 in Personal Injury

Winnebago County, IL boating accident lawyerSummer is the time when many people are playing sports, taking vacations, and engaging in outdoor activities. However, injuries tend to increase during the summer months due to these activities, and these injuries have the potential to impact victims for the rest of their lives. Boating is one of the most common activities in summer, and it is one that can lead to serious consequences should an accident occur.

If you have been involved in a boating accident, you need to speak with a skilled Illinois catastrophic injury lawyer to learn about your legal options.

Boating Accidents Can Lead to Life-Changing Injuries

Taking a boat out for the day is a fun and relaxing activity. However, boats can be dangerous vehicles, and any individual who operates a boat must complete an Illinois boat safety course. In addition to the safety course, operating a boat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal, and all boats must keep proper safety equipment on board.

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Can I Sue After My Child Was Injured at Summer Camp?

 Posted on June 22, 2024 in Catastrophic Injuries

Rockford, IL personal injury lawyerSending your child away to a summer camp or day camp in Illinois can be stressful, especially if your child is visiting a summer camp for the first time. At summer and day camps, staff are responsible for the safety of the children in their care. However, accidents and injuries do happen, and these incidents can result in serious consequences for your child.

If your child was injured at an Illinois summer camp, you may be able to pursue a claim against the responsible party. Speaking with a knowledgeable Illinois catastrophic injury lawyer is key to understanding your legal options.

Summer Camp Injuries Can Be Catastrophic

At a summer camp, your child is likely to spend lots of time outdoors swimming, hiking, playing sports, and exploring personal interests. While summer and day camps can be a fun way for your child to learn and engage in new experiences, this unfamiliar territory can also lead to risk. These risks are increased when summer camp staff and organizers are negligent in the care of your child.

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What Are the Consequences of a Construction Site Accident?

 Posted on June 16, 2024 in Wrongful Death

Rockford, IL construction accident lawsuit attorneyConstruction sites are hazardous places to work, and even with all safety requirements being followed, accidents can still happen. When people around a construction site act negligently or recklessly, accidents are even more likely to occur.

The consequences of a construction site accident tend to be life-changing for those involved, as these accidents often involve heavy machinery, falls, and exposure to chemicals or explosions. It is important to speak with a skilled Illinois construction site accident lawyer if you have been injured on the job.

Construction Site Accidents Cause Catastrophic Injuries

Construction site accidents are often severe because of the fact that construction sites typically have heavy machinery and dangerous work areas. The most common construction site accidents include ladder and scaffolding accidents, falls, electrical or fire accidents, explosion accidents, or heavy machinery accidents. Oftentimes, a lack of safety standards or negligence by an employer contributes to a construction site incident.

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What Can I Do if My Child is a Victim of Medical Malpractice?

 Posted on June 07, 2024 in Medical Malpractice

Rockford, IL pediatric medical malpractice attorneyMedical malpractice occurs when medical professionals act recklessly or negligently, violating their duty of care to patients and causing injury or illness. Sometimes, medical professionals specializing in pediatrics commit medical malpractice, and this is something that can impact a child’s life significantly.

If your child has experienced medical malpractice, he or she cannot file a claim for compensation as a minor; you will need to pursue a claim on his or her behalf. A skilled Illinois medical malpractice lawyer can assist you with this process.

Common Types of Pediatric Medical Malpractice

Pediatric medical malpractice can occur in a variety of different situations. It is important to be on the lookout for signs of medical malpractice in your child, especially if he or she is an infant, as the impacts of medical malpractice can often take a longer time to appear as your child develops.

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Are Burn Injuries Catastrophic?

 Posted on June 03, 2024 in Burns

Winnebago County burn injury lawyerWhile many of us may have experienced a slight burn from cooking or working, burn injuries that are sustained in accidents or occur as a result of another party’s reckless or negligent behavior can be very serious. Burn injuries can have life-changing effects in addition to being incredibly painful and difficult to recover from. Because burn injuries have the potential to alter how someone lives his or her life permanently, they can be considered catastrophic in many circumstances.

If you have experienced a burn injury that has resulted in severe effects or a life-changing condition, you may be able to pursue a claim for compensation. A skilled Illinois burn injury lawyer can answer your questions about this process.

Types of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries vary in their effects, and their severity depends on how deep a burn goes through the layers of skin. Even though mild and slightly painful burns are somewhat common, severe burn injuries can be very painful and catastrophic.

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What Are the Most Common C-Section Injuries?

 Posted on May 20, 2024 in Medical Malpractice

Winnebago County Birth Injury LawyerCesarean section operations, most commonly referred to as C-sections, are fairly routine operations for mothers who require them. They are typically performed when labor is not progressing as it should. However, errors and mistakes do occur, potentially leading to injury to the mother or child.

When these errors should have been avoided by medical staff or occur due to negligent or reckless behavior, you may have a claim against the staff responsible. A skilled Illinois birth injury lawyer can help you explore your legal options.

Common C-Section Injuries to Mothers and Infants

Even though C-sections occur often and are not considered out of the ordinary for mothers, medical staff may still behave in a way that causes errors and injuries. For example, delayed C-sections may lead to severe complications, illness, or loss of life.

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Can I Sue After My Child Was Injured at Daycare?

 Posted on May 10, 2024 in Personal Injury

Rockford daycare injury lawyerWhen you leave your child at daycare, you trust the staff to be responsible for him or her and that your child will be safe throughout his or her time in the facility. However, accidents and injuries can happen, and these incidents may result from the negligence or recklessness of daycare staff.

In Illinois, daycares do have responsibilities to the children that attend, and they must maintain a safe environment. When injuries occur, you might be able to sue the daycare for damages. A seasoned Illinois daycare injury attorney can guide you further.

When Is Your Daycare Responsible for Injuries?

Though children can be somewhat accident-prone, serious injuries and accidents that occur at a daycare are alarming. Under Illinois premises liability laws, your child’s daycare has an obligation to provide a safe environment free of hazards, including ample supervision for children and upholding a duty of care during the hiring process for staff.

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What Makes a Personal Injury Catastrophic?

 Posted on May 03, 2024 in Catastrophic Injuries

Winnebago County catastrophic injury lawyerPersonal injuries range from mild to more severe, and severe injuries may be categorized as catastrophic in specific circumstances. In general, catastrophic injuries impact one's life and ability to continue living as one is used to. Depending on how the injury occurred, one may be able to pursue a claim for compensation to cover the recovery and impact of one's catastrophic injury.

A skilled Illinois catastrophic injury lawyer can help guide you through your legal options.

What Are Catastrophic Injuries?

Catastrophic injuries are injuries that occur with life-altering consequences. They are typically the result of a car accident, construction or factory accident, or trucking accident and can have a number of different consequences.

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